Friday, July 13, 2007

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

What Will Tomorrow Bring?
As I have been sitting here and watching the things that are going on in our Country. I find myself asking the question, What will Tomorrow Bring? I find that this Country, the USA is filled with garbage and evil foul spirit that is imaginable to mankind. How much further down the gutter can we go without the wrath of God being poured out on us.
We find that the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer welcome any where yet all the pagan gods are being thrown in our faces. As I watched the news and saw that on July 4, Christians were being arrested for praying in Public Parks, not even out loud but just with heads on their arms and their Bibles at their sides. Now I understand that you can be arrested for handing out tracts. Christian People are being called solicitors. I never even in the remote areas in my life life ever thought that this could happen.
I went back and thought about the Sermon Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Santa Anna said on New Years eve, when he told us that he thought that soon Christian Pastors would be arrested for teaching against homosexuals and sex sins. He went as far as to just recently add to the By Laws that they would preach against any type of sexual deviants and named them one by one. I never thought that a minority of 14% could have so much weight in the laws of our Country, that we as Christians, carrying a Bible could be arrested for Hate Crimes.
Jesus told us that in the last days have no thoughts for the morrow, for the evil in that day would be more than we could handle, and now I am living and see it every day. It seems that the mores of today are even ruling our private lives. It would not shock me at all to see every Christian Platform being brought down one by one. To think that believing in the God that created this Earth, would be so hated that they would go this far. I could and did see it in many foreign Nations but in America I always thought no way. We were founded on Religious freedom but slowly day by day they are taking God out of everything and replacing Him with New Age and Paganism. Will we as a Nation Humble ourselves and pray that God would heal our Nation and save it. I no longer even see the possibility of that happening, as I see the apostasy that is taking place in every church. I see more and more going to Purpose Driven and the Emerging Church taking front pews in the Churches. You now see women Pastors, Gay Pastors, and all kinds of sin running rampant in the Church and saying it is OK.
Even the News of the day is so evil that it is beyond the minds of most of us that Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. All you see is rape, mothers killed, children molested and then killed. You must ask yourself why God is this kind of things the headlines of today. Then you look at the church and say have we become just another Social Club where we go to once a week for Brunch and then leave Jesus on the steps of the Church and go back the next week, and think All is Well With My Soul. Oh God, Heavenly Father Forgive our ingonorance of Your Precious Word. Father Help us as Your people. Give us the Grace and Faith that we need to help us in the troublous time that we are facing. Stop the Famine for Your Word that is happening right now and fill Your People with knowledge so that we can face each and every day till Your Son Jesus calls us to Come Home.
I realize that we are strangers and aliens passing thru a strange world. The world that we live in is not our Home. We are just passing thru. Help us with our sojourn thru this evil time. Help us to realize that each and every day will get eviler before we hear the sound of your Voice Calling Us to “COME UP HITHER”! May we draw closer to you as each day abounds and Father fill us with Grace, Mercy and peace as we face each and every day. We realize that You are in Complete Control. Father, our Hearts are leaping within us as we know that every day brings us closer to Home.
Father we pray for the Nation of Israel and for all of Your people and we pray for all the brethren in the worlds, that are watching the calamities rise as great Hurricanes in their lives. We stand on Your Promise that we be not soon shaken in mind or spirit as we see the day approaching. We stand upon the Rock Christ Jesus knowing that You Precious Lord will never leave us or forsake us.
Father we thank You for sending Your Only Begotten Son to pay the price for our sins. We praise and lift You up for You are the great I AM THAT I AM. We thank you for the gift Of Salvation that You have given unto us. Help us all Dear Father get thru these times that we are facing now. We pray for the sick and those that are hungry and cold. God lets us not hide our lights under a bushel, Let us shout from the house tops that Jesus is Lord. We ask all these thing in the name Christ Jesus. We thank You Jesus for healing our souls and giving us Eternal Life.

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