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Six, Sin and 6000 years of World Kingdoms Part Two 

In Part One I went over a basic background as I briefly spoke about the biblical
 meaning of the number 6.What I believe is the Bible teaches the principle 
regarding 6000 years of world kingdoms.

I even quoted ancient theological historians.I would highly recommend that 
you go back to read Part One before Two ( this present article ) because
 you will get more of a foundation for your edification and understanding.

I just quoted a few but I was told that there was at least one prominent 
theologian of every century that believed in this general 6000 year principle.
 Since they did not have the chronology of the history in the world and 
he timing that we do many believed Jesus Christ could come at any moment.

If we look at the number 5 ( 1 before 6 ) or 7 (1 after 6 ) it becomes very
 evident that man is seen as destitute of God.

Five is the number of the grace of God. If one is added to five then grace
 does not mean anything because man is trying to add to the perfection 
of God. In all of their "Efforts" they have corrupted a pure loving gift from
 God and as a result the "1" that was added leaves these people on their
 own.They are bound by sin.

We could go the opposite way. If you were to subtract 1 from 7 some 
truths become evident. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection.
ere is an old saying, "Why mess with perfection," yet people do it
 all the time with God. Subtracting one from seven is falling just short 
of God. This points to human beings struggling in their sins. As you can 
see six is couched right in the middle as being trapped by the evils of 

One of the very first things that anybody has to realize is creation was
 completed by God in 24 hour days. Man was created on the sixth day 
so right away it has got to be evident that human beings are associated 
with the number 6.

Relative to the 6000 year principle regarding the kingdoms of this world
 they will have "Their day" for this amount of time. Jesus Christ will then
 take over the nations on planet earth.

In Genesis 1:26 God gave man..."Dominion"... over all the earth which
 corresponds to what has been happening for the past 6000 years. He
 was appointed 6 days of labor and the world has been going through
 the same thing for 6000 years. When a women becomes pregnant she
 goes into "Labor." That is the term we use.This world has been laboring
 for approximately 6000 years. We can understand the basic idea by 
making these simple comparisons.

Hebrew slaves would serve for 6 years, not seven because it was ultimately
 a prophetic picture of 6000 years of labor and toil in this world. I would 
ot think that God would put the principle of 6 days of labor right in the 
10 commandments with the seventh being a day of rest but He did. In
 Exodus 20:11 the Bible says..."Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath
 day, and hallowed it."

The seventh millennium of human history will be set apart for Jesus Christ
 Himself. In fact the Bible is very specific when it says "And on the seventh
 day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh
 day from all His work which He had made. (3) And God blessed the seventh
 day,and sanctify it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which
 God created and made." Genesis 2:2-3. Six days of labor with the seventh 
being set aside for God.

Even in our secular culture it is kind of interesting to me that our society still
 acknowledges Sunday as a 24 hour time period that is set apart from the 
previous 6 days.

Jewish theologians even had some things to say about the amount of time
 for humanity. In 1976 Rabbi Ben Zion Wacholder made a quote in the 
Hebrew Union College Annual Yearbook stating " Just as the seventh offers
 a release to the Jew, so the world will be released during the seventh 
millennium." I believe several Jewish scholars throughout history broke 
the 6000 years up in three increments of 2000 years with their Messiah
 taking over on the seventh.

Even when one reads the account of Jericho in the book of Joshua the children 
of Israel walked around this city for six days. This is a picture of man actively 
gaged in labor. It was not until the seventh day that the walls actually fell down. 
This pictures God taking action.

Think about the word "Walls" in the most basic sense of the idea. For 6000 
years this world labors with evil "Walls" but Jesus Christ causes them to collapse
 on the seventh day. At that point it will be His time just like Genesis chapter 2:3
 says... "He had rested from all His work which God created and made." The
 number six and labor go hand in hand but seven is reserved for God and His rest.

Some people may ask why 24 hour days for creation? I suppose there are several 
reasons for this but one would be that 4 ( the number of this world system ) and 
6 ( the number for sin ) when put together is 4x6=24. These are numbers 
associated with the world system and the sinful nature of man.

The number 24 is associated with our Priesthood and that is what we will be
 doing in heaven at the 7th millennium of human history after the rapture of 
the church. Exactly when our training for this role will take place in Paradise 
is unclear to me but the book of Revelation does speak of this in Revelation
 1:6. "And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father, to Him
e glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen."

Is it possible that Adam and Eve were not only created on the 6th day but 
fell and sinned in that same 24 hour time frame. Years ago I would listen to 
sermons on this and would hear preachers say something to the order of
" I don't think it took them very long to sin."

I understood the basic principle of rebellion but I never thought about how
 long it took. I think it is possible that they may have sinned before sundown 
and as a result they did not go into the Holy Sabbath or the Kingdom. A basic
 principle in Scripture is nothing enters the seventh day in a state of sin.

The biggest example would be in Matthew chapter 25.When the sheep 
(the righteous) and the goats (the unregenerate) are judged by Jesus 
Christ.This happens after the 7 year tribulation period right before Jesus 
Christ sets up His reign on earth.

On the one hand Jesus Christ will speak to the sheep on His right and say..
."Come,ye blessed of my Father,inherit the Kingdom prepared for you
 from the foundation of the world." Matthew 25:34. Then Jesus will 
send the unsaved at the end of the tribulation period into everlasting 
punishment. Matthew 25:46. Only those saved from their sins and
 cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ will enter into the millennium
 because nothing unclean can enter into the Holy Sabbath.

People will still have to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts in the
 millennium but if you were to look very close nobody is walking into
 the 1000 year rule and reign in a state of sin. They are saved or 
"Cleansed" by the blood of Jesus Christ. That is the only reason
 they are allowed to move into the seventh millennium.

If you are watching for the rapture there would have to be excitement
as to how close we really are to this event. Try not to get too discouraged
 because the time is at hand.If you are not a Christian to be part of this
 blessed hope you have to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Then you
will have eternal life and go up in the Rapture.

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