Monday, December 28, 2015



I have often wondered what many people must of wondered at the cross of Jesus. But this year it hit me. Mary was the Mother of Jesus and she knelt at the bottom of the cross and she knew. As every thing about the cross pierced her heart She knew that Jesus was the Son of God. She knew as she knelt in the sand and heard Jesus cry out to His Father, she had always known. But this pain and this suffering she did not know.

She knew He was the Prince of Peace the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Living God, the Alpha and the Omega, the Emmanuel, the Savior, Jesus was God in the flesh. Mary knew of the Virgin Birth and that His Father was the God of the universe and that Jesus and him were equal and she waited along with the others in the upper room for the Comforter to come and then she fades off the scene. As a Mother I can not imagine seeing my Son go thru anything near to this and just to kneel and cry and groan while the agony turned worse and worse and as the hours passed while the agony of her Son got worse as men did everything they could to torture God the Son. At the end, even the Centurion had to say this truly was the Son of God while His Own People yelled crucify Him crucify Him. The church of that time was not much different than the churches of today. We have the ones of the Pharisees that make 5 million a year and live in a mansion worth 5 million, they have received their reward, but they have missed the reality of it all, it is Jesus and Jesus only. They demand jet planes, as they are too good to travel like the rest of the people. What have we raised under the name of chruchanity. It surely does not represent the lowly Son of a Carpenter.

In our world today what difference are we? Do we mock the Son of God and forget that Christmas was to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child not a tree and the gifts wrapped under the tree. The frantic shopping malls and the protesters fighting you for what who knows. We are all the same color we just have different tints to our color from the tower of Babel. We are all Americans. No one has ever called me an Irish, French-American, Yet we call people African-Americans. Why? Moses’ wife was black skinned, depended on what region you lived in and what climate you were raised in. Now today even the Christian tries to be politically correct. Jesus will be darker skinned and dark haired because He was born into the Tribe of Judah.

I watch as people grow deeper in debt to buy gifts for their children, but do not give them love. They are too busy advancing in their careers or else playing games to pay attention to their children. As I watched my oldest son Dave read his grandson a story, I was so very pleased because Beni will know from both his parents and his grandparents that he is loved as they spent their time with him and Mia playing for hours. My beautiful daughter Debbie just loves to play with them. I am anxious to see her pick up the girlie girl thing from Mia because she was a tomboy while I was the girlie girl and loved the dolls and the paper dolls and the play teas and such as that.

I pray as we watch this Christmas Season pass that our hearts will be turned back to Christ. The one who died for us. and that the only present we will give is I served the King of King and Lord of Lords and He is waiting for me in Heaven, for there He has prepared a place just for me out of His love. So think when you wrap that present is Jesus wrapped in it and in that persons heart. If not pray and seek the Lord for the rescuing of their souls. Merry Christmas to Everyone and May we lift our Lord on high.

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