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Living our roles with proper righteous responses The Apostle Peter starts out by explaining how husbands and wives should treat and interact with each other so the relationship will work not just on the outside but also on the inside. He starts out with this specific institution but then uses this as an opportunity to speak in broader terms on how Christians should relate to other Christians. He then branches out on how we are to relate and respond to everyone that comes in our path especially in the revenge and tongues areas. The Apostle gets very specific. He gives us a very special promise that the eyes of the Lord are all over the righteous and His ears are open to our prayers but on the contrary is against them that do evil. Peter starts out in 1 Peter 3:5 and writes the holy women of old time adorned themselves being in subjection to their husbands. He uses Sara as an example in how she related to Abraham. The Apostle then switches over to husbands and tells the men t


Having joy unspeakable and full of glory The Apostle Peter starts out in verse six by writing that we greatly rejoice but he changes the subject in mid stream by adding even though for a season if need be we can be in heaviness through manifold (various) temptations. Notice the verbs and phrases in this verse --- "Season," "If need be," "heaviness," "Manifold (various) temptations." God controls the trials in our lives unless we insist on sinning and bring a situation on ourselves. The Apostle makes it absolutely clear that our faith is a trial and it is more precious than gold that will perish. Gold can be tried with fire and in like manner our faith is tried with fire. There is a purpose to all these afflictions and that would be that it might be found unto praise, honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. Once again we see another Apostle mention the rapture of the church. It has been said that the Blessed Hope is only ment


The Old Testament Prophets longed to see Jesus Christ In the passage I will be going over what Peter reminds his readers that this salvation that he is writing about is what the Prophets enquired and searched diligently for and they prophesied of this grace in Jesus Christ that came to them from the Old Testament. The Apostle also explained that these same people foretold that the true Messiah (Jesus Christ) would suffer but Peter added and explained the glory that would follow the Lamb of God's horrible afflictions. The main chapter to read would be Isaiah chapter 53. I would recommend this to anyone that can read on the entire planet. Peter probably went into this direction with his readers because they were going through horrible sufferings and he desired to put the subject into greater perspective. Jesus Christ was not revealed to the Prophets because they were living in the days of the Old Testament but He was shown the Son of God with his own eyes. His audience th


Pure with unfeigned love Peter challenges his readers to purify their souls but this can only be done by obeying the truth. This can only be accomplished through the Holy Spirit. This is why an unbeliever in Jesus Christ does not even have the ability to listen to this Apostle who just happens to be Peter on being holy before God. Peter also writes about unfeigned love for the brethren. We are supposed to love one another with a pure heart. This is to be done fervently which is not always easy but notice that Peter is urging his readers to be pure before God and we can only love our brothers and sisters if we have a pure heart. This is an example of the vertical and the horizontal. I think of the cross Jesus Christ died on which had a vertical board and a horizontal board. There are many reasons Jesus had to die on a cross but this is symbolic of our relationship with God and people. The Apostle then tells us how we became born again which is not of corruptible seed but


Peter explains the spiritual house The Apostle Peter writes about a living stone and explains in context who was rejected and how but also on the flip side who is chosen by God and why they are precious in His eyes. We as Christians are living stones and as Peter says ... "Are built up a spiritual house" ... a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. He goes back to the Old Testament and quotes Isaiah 28:16 which says behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on Him shall not be confounded. This means we as believers in Jesus Christ, grounded in Him will not be confused or disappointed. The Apostle then explains two different categories of people. Those who believe Jesus Christ is precious and those who are disobedient to God. With the second group of people the Apostle gets more specific by writing that they are stumbling at the word of God. They were appointed to obedience bu


Our perfect sacrificial atonement and a word to wives The Apostle Peter starts out by being dogmatic that Jesus Christ did not sin neither was guile found in His month. This means that the Lamb of God committed no transgressions nor was He deceitful in any way, shape or form. I was surprised when I talk to some people that they actually believe the Son of God committed some sins. Their logic is He was a good man but when He came to earth in flesh He surely had needs and was not able to help Himself. First of all this reasoning goes against many Bible verses and secondly Jesus Christ is our perfect sacrificial atonement for our transgressions. If He even committed one sin nobody would be able to be redeemed through His shed blood. Peter goes on to explain our Savior was reviled and suffered but He did not try and defend Himself but committed Himself to Him that judgeth righteously. Jesus Christ did this so He could bare our sins in His own body on the tree that we being dead


Fleshly lusts, suffering and honoring God The Apostle Peter starts out by calling Christians strangers and pilgrims which is another way of saying that we are just passing through this world because it is not our temporary home. There was obvious a veiled message to tell us as believers in Jesus Christ to not get to attached to our lives. Obeying God and being holy before Him with one eye towards our real home which is heaven. There are some unbelievers that do not hold very tightly to this world but they do not care about God. Then Peter goes straight to the point regarding the sin that destroys so many people and he writes abstain from fleshly lusts because they war against the soul. I can no believe the stats of people over hear that watch porn and other related things but it is common practice among many Americans. There is nothing quite like obeying God and living holy before Jesus Christ. There is something about a clear conscience before God which involves small, bi


Living righteous and suffering for Jesus Christ The Apostle Peter starts out in this passage that I will be going over by asking a question, " Who is he that will harm you?" Then he adds if ye be followers of that which is good. Peter sort of switches his tone but it is the same general subject. He writes if we suffer for righteousness' sake happy are we and do not be afraid of their terror, neither be troubled. The Bible says the fear of man is a snare or a trap so no matter how bad our circumstances we should never be scared of people. I am not saying throw out common sense when dealing with troublesome persons but to fear them is foolish. The Apostle then says sanctify the Lord God in your hearts. When we got redeemed through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we were justified but our primary responsibility after we got saved is to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify our hearts with His peace. This process can lead into many other avenues of our walk with Jesus


Peter presents a way to abstain from sin The Apostle Peter writes about baptism but he specifies that this does not mean the putting away of the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience toward God by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If the Son of God who is Jesus Christ did not raise from the dead our whole faith would be in vain. The Lamb of God who died for our sins rose from the dead on the third day. Do you know where Jesus Christ sits now? He sits on besides God the Father on the right hand. All of the angels, authorities and powers are made subject to Him. This is why Revelation chapter nineteen is able to refer to Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords when He comes down from heaven and fights His enemies at the end of the seven year tribulation period. Once again the Apostle Peter reminds His reading audience that Jesus Christ suffered for us in the flesh so our responsibility is to arm ourselves with the same mind. Peter at this poin


Assigned roles for the glory of God The Apostle Paul starts out by complimenting a very dear friend by the name of Tychicus. He referred to him as a beloved brother, faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord. Notice the order --- first Paul calls him a beloved brother. If we see our brothers and sisters in Christ as co - laborers in the Lord "First" then we have missed the point. The Apostle goes straight to Godly affection first and then acknowledges their work for Jesus Christ. I believe God matured Paul because he got really angry with Mark. When Paul and Mark were doing missionary work together the Apostle got very upset with him. There is no evidence that either one spoke to each other again on earth. It just goes to show you that even the very best servants of God disagree and lose their cool. Little by little the Holy Spirit shows us love and how to express Godly affection effectively in a righteous way. Paul was obviously the leader because he was the