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An unspotted life before Jesus Christ The  Apostle James starts out writing that whoever looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues into being a quickened hearer and a doer of the work this person will be blessed in all his or her deeds. I think it is interesting that James uses the verb "Work" because when we read the Bible there is labor in us applying the precepts of the word of God to our life. We as Christians are not supposed to be spectators merely sitting on the sidelines of the otter perimeter on the work of God. There are no unemployment lines for or in the kingdom of God. Notice we can not apply this labor for Jesus Christ unless we read the Bible with open ears and a willing heart because verse twenty five is in the context of the word of God. If you do not have access to a Bible or portions of the word of God try and surround yourself with fellow believers in Jesus Christ.  James also talks about people that say they are Christians but can not cont


How do we hear from God and proceed? James starts out in verse nineteen with one of the most popular verses in the Bible. First he refers to the Christians that he is writing to as my beloved brethren. It is comforting to know and understand that a fellow believer in Christ has a Godly affection for me. Then the Apostle says such incredible words of wisdom. He writes be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. In a world where people by and large think they know so much James comes in and refutes this by saying be fast to hear but this does not mean gossip. How many people do you know who are slow to speak? If we can train ourselves to respond slowly people will listen to us more because there is a large amount of humbleness in not knowing everything. The real truth of the matter is we know very little and this should help us to be slow to wrath. I try and love people as much as I can and leave the wrath for God. The Bible does say vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord so this


Grace or sin The Apostle James changes his tone about the subject of temptation. If we are tempted with a sin --- an enticement as it were according to James 1:14 we can never say "I want to sin" is from God. First of all God can never be tempted with evil nor does He ever tempt any person for any reason. This does not come from God. The first truth we as Christians need to understand is when demons tempt us that is not a sin but it is a test. The only time the enticement becomes a sin is when that person is drawn away because of his or her lust. This is the only way the enticement will be effective so the obvious answer to not committing transgressions is to not be drawn away with our own lust. The choice is up to us but the command is from God to not let this happen which means we have to be on guard all the time. The second step is when lust is conceived we sin. A basic principle in the Bible is sin brings forth death. James urges his readers not to be dec


Standing strong for Jesus Christ wherever you are in life In my last article I explained that if we ask God for wisdom He will bestow this in our spirit. I had to stop the writing at James 1:5 but in verses 6 - 8 the Apostle gives the conditions for receiving wisdom. If we ask Jesus by faith without wavering this is indeed what God desires to see in our hearts and minds. I believe one bit of practical advice would be we should ask God for this faith without wavering so our conviction is strong when we make intercession for this wisdom in our trials. When the average person goes through something they usually get angry or upset but this lacks the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit working through our hearts. If a Christian does not have the conviction of faith without wavering then he or she is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. If you ever observed that it is very unpredictable to say the least. Then James in verse seven writes very bluntly in es
The Rapture THE RAPTURE {CATCHING-AWAY} OF BELIEVERS MEANING OF THE WORD "RAPTURE" The "Rapture" is the name given to a Biblically revealed event in which Jesus Christ descends from Heaven, accompanied by the spirits of all the saints who have passed on prior to this event, and then the bodily remains of these saints are transported from the earth to meet the Lord and be rejoined with their corresponding spirits in the air. Immediately after this, all Christians alive on the earth are simultaneously transported to meet the Lord and those who have preceded them in the air. All are transformed into immortal bodies like Jesus' body, referred to as the "resurrection body". "Rapture", when used in eschatological terms, is an English word used in place of the Latin word raeptius, which is taken from the Vulgate version of the Bible, which in turn is a translation of the Koine Greek word harpazo, found in the early Greek New Testament m