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The soldier stood and faced God, 
Which must always come to pass. 
He hoped his shoes were shining, 
Just as brightly as his brass. 

"Step forward now, you soldier, 
How shall I deal with you? 
Have you always turned the other cheek? 
To My Church have you been true?" 

The soldier squared his shoulders and said, 
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't. 
Because those of us who carry guns, 
Can't always be a saint. 

I've had to work most Sundays, 
And at times my talk was tough. 
And sometimes I've been violent, 
Because the world is awfully rough. 

But, I never took a penny, 
That wasn't mine to keep... 
Though I worked a lot of overtime, 
When the bills got just too steep. 

And I never passed a cry for help, 
Though at times I shook with fear. 
And sometimes, God, forgive me, 
I've wept unmanly tears. 

I know I don't deserve a place, 
Among the people here. 
They never wanted me around, 
Except to calm their fears. 

If you've a place for me here, Lord, 
It needn't be so grand. 
I never expected or had too much, 
But if you don't, I'll understand. 

There was a silence all around the throne, 
Where the saints had often trod. 
As the soldier waited quietly, 
For the judgment of his God. 

"Step forward now, you soldier, 
You've borne your burdens well. 
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets, 
You've done your time in Hell." 

~Author Unknown~ 

It's the Soldier, not the reporter 
who has given us the freedom of the press. 
It's the Soldier, not the poet, 
who has given us the freedom of speech. 
It's the Soldier, not the politicians 
that ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 
It's the Soldier who salutes the flag, 
who serves beneath the flag, 
and whose coffin is draped by the flag. 

If you care to offer the smallest token of recognition and appreciation for the Military, 
please pass this on and pray for our men and women 
who have served and are currently serving our country 
and pray for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. 


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Friday, May 13, 2016


Six, Sin and  6000 years of World Kingdoms Part One 

This has always been one of the most fascinating subjects I have ever studied
 because we are so close to the rapture of the Church. It would have to be 
comforting that Jesus Christ is about to take control over the nations of planet
 earth. We are right on the edge of the prophetic clock of God.

When I started to study this subject in the Bible I really was not to happy because
 the first five numbers that I wrote about all had some kind of hope attached to
 them. Even the numbers 2 and 4 present some good news when one studies the 
latter part of the meaning. I cannot say the same thing for the identity of the 
number 6 because it involves the evils of Satan resulting in sin, weakness and death.

What I can say is the root of this very principle seems to imply that the kingdoms of 
this world will last for 6000 years or at the very least in that approximate area. We 
are seconds away from the end of this time limit that God has given mankind.

In all fairness there are some very good ministries that are winning souls by 
teaching the prophetic word of God that do not believe what I just said. Some 
of them are highly intelligent and very effective and will no doubt go up in the
 hall of faith in heaven. They are convinced we are right on the edge of the 
Rapture,tribulation and the millennium.

I do not stop supporting them just because they don't believe the exact same way
 I do. As long as they are biblical sound, speak of the urgency of the hour and reach
 out to win lost souls for Jesus Christ.

This is why whoever you are or wherever you may be in life it is important to
 understand that what I am about to speak of is essential to your future.

I have been at numerous points in my life and there are not many I can't relate 
to; therefore, I know what it is like to talk to God and ask Him if He can help me
 get my life right with Him.

I am pretty sure we will be convinced that the time is very short. Hopefully you
 will become convicted and realize that what I am talking about very much 
involves our future and allow the Son of the Living God to perform His will in our lives.

I am not saying it will be exactly 6000 years although I have friends that would
. As I explain this general principle I personally believe you will see how close 
we really are to the return of Jesus Christ.

With that being said I would like to talk about the biblical meaning of the 
number 6 especially from the backdrop of 6000 years. Keep in mind biblical 
historians also believed in this principle.

Ireneis who was born in 140 A.D. was so dogmatic that he tied the 6 days of 
creation to things coming to an end after 6000 years. Some ministers will 
complain that people who believe this are just looking at the model of creation 
and basing their opinions on this one biblical account. I would respond this 
principle of 6000 years seems to be all over the Bible.

Enoch talked about 7000 years of time with the eighth having no end.
Remember the contextual biblical meaning of the number 8 is "New beginnings."

What many people do not realize is each biblical number has a meaning and
 creation must reflect that appointed direction that God has set forth. God is
 the author of order not confusion.

Let me just say something else. If biblical historians of different previous centuries
 were writing about this then I would think it would only be reasonable (since we
 are at the end of 6000 years or in that approximate area) to listen to what they 
had to say.

Don't you find it interesting that all these prophetic occurrences are happening
 at an exponential rate in this point of time? By the way I am going to explain 
what I mean by "The end of 6000 years." I will explain in a little bit why I believe
 planet earth is older than 6000 years of time. To me it is almost inevitable that
 questions will come to our mind but it is exciting to see that the return of our
 Lord Jesus Christ is very soon!

The Epistle of Barnabas later called the Sinaiticus spoke about some theologians
 probably around the forth century. They said the same thing that Irenaeis spoke
 of but they put so much more detail in their book.

They wrote of creation in 6 days, a day with the Lord as 1000 years (Psalm 90:4, 
2nd Peter 3:8) and human history taking a turn after 6000 years. God bringing all
 things to an end (specifically world kingdoms) and compared the seventh day of
 creation to the seventh millennium of human history. They vividly described 
Jesus Christ Himself judging the ungodly and reigning and resting on the seventh

They were not just quoting creation. They were quoting Psalm 90.4. "For a
 thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch
 in the night." They were quoting Peter. "But,beloved, be not ignorant of this 
one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand
 years as one day." 2nd Peter 3:8.

This principle is outlined in the Bible. Even in the Testament of Adam,Seth 
said his father (Adam) spoke to him about the world lasting for 7000 years 
in all. Adam was the first person ever created by God so he must have see
n this principle for himself from God.

I am going to explain many truths about the meaning of the number 6. 
By the time these articles are finished it is possible that you will see what
 I am trying to say. I believe you will be comforted that our blessed hope
 is "Very" close! Get excited if you are a Christian because you are about
 to see your Lord Jesus Christ face to face.

This had to be done in three parts because I am going to be giving you a
 background about the history of this number and give the reasons why
 there has to be 6000 years of strife and turmoil in this world before Jesus 
Christ takes control of the nations of this world. I really don't know if the
 6000 years or the general area of that sum is at the rapture,middle of the
 7 year tribulation or at the end.

There are 7 reverse Hebrew nuns in Psalm 107. Six are right in a row. 
I believe one of the reasons they are consecutive is because they represent 
6 millenniums of human history.

The reverse nuns are in verses 23,24,25,26,27,28 and 40. 23+24+25+26+27+28=153
. This in my opinion is perhaps the most perfect number in the universe for
 various reasons but what is so remarkable is that it seems to stand for
resurrection. 6000 years and resurrection are associated with each other
 in this model.

As far as the rapture is concerned I believe according to 2nd Thes. 2:2-4 
and Revelation chapters 4,5 and 6 there has to be some sort of time gap 
between the Rapture and the start of the 7 year tribulation period.For 
example Revelation 4:1-2 describes the rapture of the church but it is not 
until Revelation 6:2 that the 7 year tribulation starts on planet earth.

In simple terms we are probably very close to the Lord finally calling His
 children home to heaven. How long that time gap would be is unknown to me.

I believe we are so near that I don't even look for a date. I could be working 
in my back yard and in an instant be taken into the glory of heaven
. Some people will say the 6000 years is already finished but I am not
 convinced of that either.

When I studied the number 2 I had to go back to the creation account. 
To explain in very brief terms I found out that prior to Adam and Eve
 being created by God demonic creatures of some kind inhabited the 
earth. I don't believe this world is 6000 years old; however, I do believe 
we are in that approximate area from the starting point of creation.

I think another point I would like to make is God did not make the timing 
of this subject all that simple because if that were the case people would 
have figured out dates a long time ago. It is a mystery to be explored.

This is a very good place to end Part One because I think you get the basic
 foundation of what I am trying to convey to you. God will give us a very 
special blessing in this study. The blessed hope will be such a joyous event 
with a happy ending. Missing this event will be tragic.Do not let anybody 
tell you anything different.

Once this present dispensation of grace changes after the rapture words 
or pictures cannot describe how progressively horrible life on planet earth 
will become. It would be my delight to share with you some scriptural 
treasures to encourage you and uplift your spirit as we on a daily basis 
watch for the return of Jesus Christ.


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