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The Four Lepers and Symbolism

The Four Lepers and Symbolism   As I read this story from the Old Testament in 2 Kings 6:15 all the way through chapter 7, I asked the Lord if He would reveal to me the meaning and the mystery of the passage. Sure enough the Lord is good. He started showing me the symbolism of all the players in this picture that God drew for us.   These stories in the Bible are like looking at the Word of God with a microscope. You really have to take a close look. Some people reading this know the story and some do not. To be brief one morning the whole Syrian army was facing Elisha. The Prophet believed that there was more power in God than an army. I think it very interesting that a whole army was trying to surround a man of God. The Devil is relentless.     He prayed and chariots of heaven became visible to His servant. God gave him affirmation in his trouble. God still does this in our lives today. Elisha faced his enemy (the Syrians) and prayed. The Syrians be