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To God be the Glory! Plea Please feel free to pass any of our teaching on. We do this for the glory of God and this blog belongs to Jesus not us. So anyone can share with anyone.. Thank you for your faithfulness in following the Bible with us. Many of you have been with me from the beginning and I so appreciate your following. Agape Zelma

The Completeness of Three

The Completeness of Three By Brother Bob D The number 3 in the Bible has a consistent meaning from Genesis to Revelation of completeness. It also is the number that stands for resurrection. It is one of the more mysterious numbers in Scripture because of the history surrounding this principle. It is the first of 4 perfect numbers. The numbers 3,7,10 and 12 are the 4 perfect numbers in the Bible. 3x7x10x12=2520. This is the exact number of days that will transpire in the future 7 year tribulation period if you believe like me that each year will be counted in 360 day segments rather than 365. It would have to be beyond obvious that we are very close to the rapture of the church which means the world is right on the brink of the 7 year tribulation period. From an evil perspective the devil copies this number because this is his one chance from his perspective to usurp the throne of God. You and I know that according to the Bible this will never happen; howe
CLOSE Two (5) People To pacl, Zelma Apr 28 The Division of Two  There are two schools of thought regarding this particular number among people that understand biblical numerics. The first would be that the primary meaning would be division or opposition with a sub theme of union or two becoming one. The latter opinion would be reversed in that the main theme would be union and the