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BLOOD MOON TETRADS< PASSOVER APRIL 14,2014 WOW!!!!!! What an amazing time I had last night with the Blood Red Moon! From start to ,I was reminded of the last night of Jesus' life on this earth.  I watched from sunset, until it was over.  Went outside when I figured that Jesus would be doing the Last Supper and the Moon was just beginning to even be seen. Watched it come up with this tremendous White Brilliance.  As I watched the phases it went thru, I thought of Jesus going to Gethsemane to pray & Judas betraying Him for 30 pieces of silver.  The fact that Jesus asked just that time for the Apostles, to 2 times to Watch & 1 time to Pray, but came to them a total of 4 times. They were tired and went to sleep.   As the Moon started to turn red, I thought of the blood that Jesus sweated, during His Prayer Vigil for You and me. In the Middle of it, we took Communion as a Family and with my brother in Christ, Craig. He led the communion from the heart and it was totally a