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The testimony of Bob D."         Wow, I get to share my testimony with people on the internet world! I know some people are not going to believe me but I have to share my life in the way it happened.   Let me start from the beginning. I believe I was in grade school but I can't even remember. I was very young. I was in this very small group and this man spoke on --- well I really don't know? I was just sitting there and he gave the invitation to accept Jesus Christ into my heart.   Any way I felt this push from my Mom. "What are you waiting for?" So I bowed my head and said the prayer. Believe it or not God saved me at that point but He had a lot of work to do inside me. I act


                  TO GOD BE THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE God thru Jesus and the Holy Spirit blew my mind away yesterday as I spoke with my oldest son David. In a life of sin I lost my children in a very bazaar way I lost two sons. One has already passed and I pray Stevie is dancing on Streets of Gold with my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.  Meanwhile after 43 years of wonderment Davy found me. My heart leap for joy within me as I slowly dialed my phone and waited to hear his voice and learn of Him. Knowing that I had missed many years and that will always haunt me. As with a Mom heart you can never lose a child and not often weep over the loss in no matter what way it is.   With a joy that was truly amazing I found I have a Daughter Debbie whom I will so dearly love as she has taken and loved my Son for me. She will hold a very special place in my heart. She has given me also three wonderful Grand Sons, and a Great Grand Son and a Great Grand Daughter (soon to be bor


BLOOD MOON TETRADS< PASSOVER APRIL 14,2014 WOW!!!!!! What an amazing time I had last night with the Blood Red Moon! From start to ,I was reminded of the last night of Jesus' life on this earth.  I watched from sunset, until it was over.  Went outside when I figured that Jesus would be doing the Last Supper and the Moon was just beginning to even be seen. Watched it come up with this tremendous White Brilliance.  As I watched the phases it went thru, I thought of Jesus going to Gethsemane to pray & Judas betraying Him for 30 pieces of silver.  The fact that Jesus asked just that time for the Apostles, to 2 times to Watch & 1 time to Pray, but came to them a total of 4 times. They were tired and went to sleep.   As the Moon started to turn red, I thought of the blood that Jesus sweated, during His Prayer Vigil for You and me. In the Middle of it, we took Communion as a Family and with my brother in Christ, Craig. He led the communion from the heart and it was totally a