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Jesus is God

Jesus is God The following is from an E-mail message to a Jehovah Witness friend in an effort to bring him to understand Jesus is God. All references to his notes or his pamphlet are referring to a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet he gave me to prove Jesus is a created being. ********** With my understanding of the Word of God, I believe we are not expected to understand God (Heb 11:1). The mystery of the Godhead, or Trinity, is one of these mysteries; as is why God allows satan to rule the earth. How can we, the created, understand Him, the creator (Job 11:7-9 & Rom 11:33)? I like to let the God’s Word explain itself. Here are just a few verses out, of many more, which point me to believing in the triune Godhead. I have included the translation from the Rotherham bible as you said it was based on pre-Sopherim text and used it to prove your understanding of Hab1:12, even though I don’t like his Gen 1:2 translation. I have also included the Complete Jewish Bible