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Greetings to All in the Name of Yeshua: The one thing that I would like to tell you all is this - You are the second greatest miracle that has walked on this earth, next to Jesus Christ. We now find ourselves facing very perilous times and are we ready, watching and praying to see Jesus' face and hear His voice say to us "Come up Hither"? We look and we know the Word of God has prepared for us to see the signs of the times. Now as we see tiny Israel standing alone against every Mideast country there is, we know that our Redemption draweth nigh. I often wonder God do I have the faith to withstand the evil days ahead that will see our own nation collapse in front of our eyes and I know the answer is yes. You have prepared me for over 38 years to see this time in my life. We rant and rave at the things we see going on, but do we thank the Heavenly Father for them? Do we know that God is in complete control? All powers that be are created of God

Merry Christmas to All

A gift of a smile is worth more than words. A Merry Christmas is saying we are proud of His Birth. We stand tall together and declare it on high Jesus was born that you cannot deny. You can shout from the housetops; but we shut up our ears. The child of God will say Christmas is near. We look to our Father' from heaven above And all shout together as we proclaim His dear Love. We will all sing together and the carol will ring As the Heavenly hosts join with their wings The activity are happening up in heaven above As Jesus looks down and sends us His love He looks at His Father A smile on His face He laughs so very softly As He hands us His grace My Children won't deny me of this you can see To them I am Saviour Not just a tree! This is just a short little thought from my heart. Merry Christmas to all! Jesus soon will be in Sight. Zelma

Who's Right and Who's Wrong

Who's right and who's wrong? " There are two main groups of people that I have observed as Christians approach the rapture of the Church. Actually there are good and bad points about both sets of these people. Ideally if both groups would learn the good and the bad in both approaches, I believe our love for the Blessed Hope would be more well rounded and enriched with a spirit of optimism and truth. In studying this subject for over thirty years, I am going to be honest with my discernment on the following issue with you. As I explain these two groups that I have seen in their view toward this subject, it will be impossible for us in our spiritual walk to strike a balance without the help of the Holy Spirit. So few Christians ever do. I still find it difficult. If the Lord tarries in His return and I honestly do not think He will with everything that is happening prophetically in recent times, these observations may help. I will call the first group "T

Matthew 24 Part two verses 24: 29-31

Why the rapture is also in view in Matt 24:29-31 This event appears to be the rapture for several reasons. 1. It reads like the rapture. Even if this passage were strictly and only speaking of the supernatural gathering together of the Jews carried one by one by Angels to another location, that alone is certainly similar to various rapture events such as happened to Philip in Acts 8:39-40 who was transported from place to place, and to Elijah in 2 Kings 2:11-12 2. The parallel passage from the gospel of Mark 13:27 says they are gathered "from... earth to... heaven." The rapture is a gathering of people into the air, 1 Thess 4:17. 3. It is "A great sound of A trumpet" in Matthew and not necessarily "the great trumpet" of Isaiah 27:13. Why is Matthew more vague, saying "a trumpet" instead of "the great trumpet"? Is it because two events are in view? The point is that a trumpet sounding blast is a key element of the rapture ment

The Trinity Nature of God

Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith The Trinity Nature of God      Many people have wondered about what is meant by the Trinity of God, and there has been a lot of misunderstanding about it throughout History. I find that the best way to understand the Trinity(tri-unity) of God is by just examining the Bible Verses which God has provided to explain Himself, and then believing these verses. You don't need to do a lot of mental or verbal gymnastics to explain the verses and thus the Trinity of God: you just need to compare these verses with faith, and then they will be profitable for you. This study starts out with a statement of faith, then goes on to give some major verses in which God is trying to convey what He is like for our benefit and teaching, and then excerpts from an article by Jerry M. Henry in the Holman Bible Dictionary and Stephen D. Swihart’s, “The Work of the Trinity”.   We believe in one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect   and eternally existing