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New Testament Overview The Epistles and Revelation

#3b-HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE- New Testament Overview -The Epistles & Revelation The Epistles: Q: What is the meaning of "Epistle"? A: A writing, directed or sent, communicating intelligence to a distant person; a letter. It is rarely used in familiar conversation or writings, but chiefly in solemn or formal transactions. The Epistles of Paul ROMANS, written to the Christians in Rome, is the most systematic presentation of Christian doctrine in the Bible. Its themes are judgment and righteousness, Jew and Gentile, law and grace, free will and predestination.....or in one word, salvation, Romans, the sixth in chronological order of Paul's Epistles, was written from Corinth during the apostle's third visit to that city. 2Co_13:1 in A.D. 60. The Epistle has its occasion in the intention of the apostle soon to visit Rome. Naturally, he would wish to announce before his coming the distinctive truths which had been revealed to and through him. He would desire th