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The Woman Behind the Baggage part Two

The woman behind the Baggage Part two I want to thank you all for the kind replies. I called my Mother before I posted to check on my age at the time she left. My Mother had three gentleman callers before accepting my step daddy into our lives. One was taken by my mother but had no real concern for her children. Another was more interested in us then our mother. Poor Mommy! Then there was my daddy. He liked my mother and was interested in our well being. If she needed anything he was there. When we had to go to the doctor he was happy to have been called. It turned out we were suffering from malnutrition. Later that night the door bell rang. A man so humbled not knowing if it would be acceptable was standing with bags of groceries in his trembling arms. The silent tears unhidden for his hands could not wipe them away. My mother accepted the offering and he left to retrieve more still in his car. Just a woman alone with six children during hard times. That night her prayers were answe

The Woman with the baggage

the Woman with The baggage: Written by a Beloved Brother IN the Lord. My mother having been in an awful marriage finally had enough when bones started to break. My older brother of two years had the last broken leg and even with the Church of her days telling her not to leave she did what was so hard to do over 40 years ago. She left with four children at her side and two in her loving arms. The church supported her after seeing our condition. Yes I was the lucky one that was only two and a half not having to remember She met my step father who stepped right in to fill a void where no such father figure was present. In the future I will talk more about this great fathertype that I can only hope to emulate. He passed away just before 911 as it is called today. I will say he saw a woman with four children at her side and two in her loving arms and chose the rest of our lives as his own. Baggage? Sorry this was his life's choice and even the thought he would be thinking bagga

The Glory of God

The Glory of God I got a call on Friday night that my mother was dying ad was very ill and I needed to get home right away. So I instantly begin to make plans to go home. I wanted to leave but it was storming and you do not go over the passes here in the storms especially the first one of the year. But Saturday was suppose to be a day of clearing so I told my two Beloved Sisters that their oldest sister would be there by 4 tomorrow. So I hastily packed remembering to take dress suits and the like and get out my winter clothes and was up and on the road at 6 the next morning with very little sleep. When I got about 5 miles out of town it started to drizzle and I thanked God for I told Him I was all cried out and now He was showing His tears for me. I instantly hit the fog which can be really dense here and you crawl along the road. I was in complete Praise and thanksgiving to God for the peace that He had put on my heart. I had placed my Mom in His hands and what better place co