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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

What Will Tomorrow Bring? As I have been sitting here and watching the things that are going on in our Country. I find myself asking the question, What will Tomorrow Bring? I find that this Country, the USA is filled with garbage and evil foul spirit that is imaginable to mankind. How much further down the gutter can we go without the wrath of God being poured out on us. We find that the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer welcome any where yet all the pagan gods are being thrown in our faces. As I watched the news and saw that on July 4, Christians were being arrested for praying in Public Parks, not even out loud but just with heads on their arms and their Bibles at their sides. Now I understand that you can be arrested for handing out tracts. Christian People are being called solicitors. I never even in the remote areas in my life life ever thought that this could happen. I went back and thought about the Sermon Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Santa Anna said on New Years eve