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Ezekiel 38 &39

For this study I will be using only the King James Bible and verses out of this. This study is my opinion and the research will be mine and mine alone. I will not be using any other material other than my own mind. Therefore I will be writing on a literal understanding of the Chapters and also on the prophetic context that I see in them. I do not care to debate the issue at all, so this is why I say this is my opinion. Ezekiel means God Strengthens. As you read the Book of Ezekiel, you must see the strength and character of this man. He went thru many things during the years that he prophesied for the Lord Jehovah. He starts in the reign of King Jehoiachin in captivity. He ends with the Shekinah Glory of The Messiah. His leading characteristic is realizing determined energy; this admirably adapted him for opposing the "rebellious house" "of stubborn front and hard heart," and for maintaining the cause of God’s Church among his countrymen in a foreign land, when the