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Dear Beloved Ones in the Lord, Jesus Christ: As I have sat here this morning watching our first rain fall, I know that now, Winter is here. I saw all the things of nature in my yard. The wild turkeys were out and the domesticated geese next door, were trying to fly. The horses next door, were galloping up and down in the delight of the rain. On my lawn, were the Robins, Blue Birds and Magpies and just listening to the amazing sounds, surely showed me the Greatness of the Creations of God! The Birds were bathing in little rain puddles and the whole outside was so full of activity. It reminded my soul, what kind of activity are we doing for our Lord Jesus Christ? Do we run and delight in the things of nature, as do the animals or do we put Him on the shelf for the next time we might find time to call upon Him? How much Praise and Worship was sung out of the mouth of the Kings children this morning? Did we delight in the day and the fresh sweet smell of the rain or did we